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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Night With an Empanada

Last night was the first time we had one of the famous empanadas of Uruguay. Actually, we had a couple one day (cold) and another day we had some frozen ones that we heated up. But last night was the first night we had empanadas from a restaurant in Salinas that specialized in them (Empanadas Santa Fe).

OK, so we ordered about 5 each and they make 36 varieties. When we got home, how could you tell one from another? Let's take the quiz. Look at the 2 empanadas pictured above. Which one is carne con panceta and which one is quieso con longaniza? Obviously you have a 50% chance of being right, but to be sure- look at the top crust. There are markings and they give you a "legend" with pictures to match. The top is Longaniza (with a single "twist" and the bottom is panceta (with 2 cuts at the top and one on each end).

I was not familiar enough with the process to order over the phone and have them delivered. They will deliver for about $1, but next time we will try sitting at home and enjoying delivery.


franklin said...

How were the empanadas? What was the cost of that 150CC bike?


Wally said...

Franklin, teh empanadas were delicious. Tried a cheese and mussel variety, which we won't do again, but the rest were fantastic.

The Keeway ran $2400. There is a 250cc version for $3400. I love the bike and it has been invaluable. Remember the quoted prices almost always include the tax.