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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Would You Like an Egg with That Pork Chop?

Just came back from dinner. Forgot another thing when I talked about weird food (i.e. dulce de leche)- eggs. They put a fried egg on just about all types of food. Hamburgers will come with a fried egg. And ham- that is just about as common as salt.

So, when I saw pork chops and french fries on the menu, that sounded good. Probably should have put my glasses on and read the rest. French fries, by the way, are about the best I have ever tasted- crisp and not greasy. So the order came out: french fries, 2 deliciously cooked pork chops, topped with 2 strips of bacon, slices of ham and topped with a fried egg. Hmmm. Mental note to self- check to see if the obligatory egg is included on my next order and cancel the egg, and ham and bacon. The pork chops and french fries were great, by the way.

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