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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bags of Milk

I forgot to mention a few oddities of UY foodstuffs. Milk is sold in liters (quarts) in plastic bags. I don't think I have seen a milk container. That section of the refrigerated section is just filled with rows and rows of 1 liter bags of milk (all types) and juices. The sell little plastic containers that you slip the bag into, then cut the tip and pour from their.

Oddity #2- dulce de leche. You are probably seeing this more in desserts and ice cream flavors than before. Here it is a way of life. Thick, gooey, cloyingly sweet- it is a lot like nougat, sweeter and more spreadable and it is in everything (except the meat). You CAN find confections without dulce, but you have to look carefully (they will use it as filling for chocolate eclairs- a very disturbing surprise). I ordered flan in a restaurant, yesterday. They had the desserts displayed and I choose the flan. When asked "flan con dulce?" I though he was just describing the sweetness of the flan. It came to the table, with the characteristic sauce, but also with a huge glob of dulce de leche and a cherry on top. UGH! I put it to the side and ate the flan. The waiter made a sad face when he noticed the dulce was still on the place (I apologized).

Surprisingly you can get just about anything in a store you can get in the US. Many of the same brands. Everything seems to be quite good, so far. I bought some 50% crema for my coffee, thinking it might be like half and half. I think if I had shaken the bag for a few minutes, it would have been butter- very rich. The crema (full version) was semi-solid. But they do have non or low fat milk, which we are getting, as well.

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