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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah the Milanesa

We just came back from lunch with an architect friend of ours who inspected the house we are interested in. He has spent many years abroad (Germany, France) and introduced us to the milanesa.

This is a thin cutlet, much like a chicken fried steak. It could be made of beef or pork, but recently (20 years ago) milanesas al pollo (chicken) were introduced. This is a milanesa al pollo and that plate (that it covers, is no small plate). The fries are underneath. There was some discussion about the original milanesa, which were very thick and meaty, versus the thinner versions appearing in more modest economic times. Carlos (the architect) remembered his mother's milanesas with longing.

Still, when it arrived, it was gorgeous. It could easily have fed us both, with the side of french fries. Of course, I had ordered raviola with a meat sauce. It came with not just a delicious sauce, but a sizeable portion of what was much like a slice of pot roast (they love their meats). Fortunately, we had a local wine to help us wash it all down, and there was no fried eggs in any of the dishes (though milanesas do come with fried egg, but that is extra).

Ah- the milanesa!

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