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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wally's Sad Day!

News of a sad kind.
Wally's mother just died/passed away, so he's had to leave Uruguay for a little while to take care of business. He is in California, staying with his father, at his fathers house. 

Having to buy tickets back to the states, on such short notice, has set us pensioners back quite a bit, dollar wise ($1500 for a round trip ticket).  Because of "Spring break" the airlines were especially booked up and finding seats available was hard at this time of year. So to make the most of the trip he will be staying in California for a few months. I assure you, however that Wally has already bought the ticket back to Uruguay,  Ida Y Vuelta (going & return), and no we haven't been fighting!

Leo #1, because we know two Leo's (and the other one is younger), was kind enough to take Wally to the port. I'm not good at driving a stick shift but especially having to drive through the crazy traffic in Montevideo, which Wally doesn't even do, we decided we wanted Wally to arrive at the Buquebus ferry in one piece. Leo who works downtown in Montevideo offered to pick Wally up and deliver him safely to the ferry, Leo we owe you, big time! You'll notice Wally was greeted by the traditional kiss, the Uruguay way of greeting close friends.
Wally missing me already!

Wally found out that it was cheaper to travel across the Rio de la Plata by ferry to Argentina then to leave directly from our airport in Carrasco, just outside of MVD. 
I know he arrived okay, because he emailed me from the Ezeiza  airport in Argentina (45 mins outside of BA by bus) using their internet for only $5 pesos arg. Wally arrived in Argentina by ferry then he went to the Retiro bus/train station to get a shuttle bus service called Manuel Leon to the airport. It cost $55 pesos arg. as compared to $194 Pesos arg. for a taxi ride there.

We are staying in touch by phoning. Wally and I used to use Skpe to call the USA. He loaded that up with some minutes so I could call. It uses the computer to ring a persons phone, this way they don't need a computer to receive your calls. It's very reasonable cost wise to use. If a person does have a computer and they should get Skpe as well, then a computer to computer call is free. Right now we have a better deal going on, as we are now using Google through Gmail to call the USA for free!

I have stayed behind here in Uruguay because... We have pets, the house (to attend to) and because of the airfare costs. Wally is staying with his father, Wally Sr. (Yes, there are two Wally s) at his father's house. We feel that this will allow some father and son time, alone without the distractions of a woman along (me). Wally Sr. is busy showing his son off to friends, so we think the bounding is working!

All in all, it's been quite hectic running around making last Minute  preparations to leave.

Wally spent the night before he left making a video of us singing karaoke together. He was a bit disappointed, he thought he sang better than he saw on tape, but I love his singing! He also made a dvd of some Uruguay photos of our trips together. This way he can show everybody what Uruguay, it's coastline and our house looks like!

As I watched, Wally and Leo backdown our drive way, always worried some car will backup too far and land in that new ditch alongside the road, I wondered what to do now? So I went inside my house and watched a fishing boat go by.

I've already been invited to 2 bachelorsett parties/showers. One is too soon in coming, so I begged out. The other was 2 days away and near my house. I could walk there and back. I'll post on that one soon.

Being in Uruguay, I am surrounded by loving and caring people ready to include me in their lives and watch over me. I'm glad I'm here and Wally wishes he were too, trust me, he does!!!


ximeoli said...

Sorry to hear about Wally's loss.My condolences to you both.
I hope time passes quickly and you can be together soon."Distance makes the heart grow fonder" ( is it like that?)as they say. Keep yourself busy and in no time he will be back home. All the best to you both. I really enjoy your blog and the positive outlook you always have. Ximena

Wally said...

Love the post and thanks for the thought... I am only afraid that you will find out how easy life is without me around to get in your way :D

Denise said...

To my husband Wally,
Don't worry, just opening up all of the house's shutters and bars each day (which you did every morning) let's me know how easy I had it with you here. Today, I didn't even bother as it was a bill paying day and I walked into Salinas. I didn't want to have to open up everything just to close it up again, so it was a dark day inside the house. Qué lástima!

Denise said...

Dear Ximena, Thank you for your kind thoughts!
Keeping busy is helping! I'm cooking all of the foods Wally hates. Tonight I had zucchini, yum!

Phil said...

My condolences on your loss.

Caldeyro Victorica said...

I am sorry for your loss. Like Ximena said, keeping busy helps. Being some time apart from your significant other has some positive aspects, although I can say this only after I experienced it. At the time you are separated it is difficult, I know!
I am happy to read that you both feel very happy in Uruguay.
I love reading your blog.

Debi said...

I'm truly sorry for your loss. I pray that the trip goes well and goes by quickly for you both. I'm sure your friends in Uruguay will take real good care of you while your hubby is away, Denise. :)
Debi Mikulcik-Memphis

Denise said...

Subject: Condolences

Hi Denise

I have just read of the sad news in your blog.......please pass on condolences from both Oria and i next time you "Google phone" Wally.
In the mean time take care of yourself...oh, and the animals!! I was pleased to read that you have people around that can offer help etc. if need be.


Patrick and Oria

Geraldo said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Geraldo said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Secutor said...

My condolences to you and Denise. You have a great blog and i follow your blog since the begining.