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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beer Bubbles

Last night, my father's country club (Oakdale Golf and Country Club), hosted a "Beer Night", with representatives of Sierra Nevada Brewery featuring some of it's custom brews. The big star of the night, however, was Chef Dan Quint, whose adventurous menu added spice to the evening. I am going to include his menu and tell me if it doesn't sound delicious.

However, the evening was started off by Chef Dan's presentation of Beer Balls. This is actually a new technique (developed in about 2002) called spherification. It is a matter of encapsulating a liquid in a thin sphere of itself- in other words (using a combination of calcium chloride and sodium algenate) the beer forms a thin skin of beer. More technical information can be found at this site: Cafe Atlantico. Chef Dan hinted that olives that are liquified in a blender could be incapsulating, providing a different texture with a familiar taste. Another suggestion was encapsulating a bernaise sauce and placing a globe on top of steak. Just another way to present familiar food in a new setting. The beer balls (when they were presented) just melt in the mouth. Very interesting.

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