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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend, we hit the road again, destination the outskirts of Pando.

  This may look like a motorcycle convention but this is just a portion of the parking lot at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Called the Center of Education for Jehovah's Witnesses.

I took this picture as a reminder that Motorcycles in this country are a mass means of transportation here.  Back in the States, I would have been lectured on the dangers of motor bikes, (since I'm a klutz that lecture would be quite fitting) but here the economics of maintaining and owning a car (gas/nafta is expensive) makes owning a motorcycle an attractive alternative, perhaps the only choice for some.

 Wally and I both bought "Bikes" here in Uruguay and yes I did crash mine several times! Which is probably the reason I was glad when we could finally afford to buy a car, a VW Bug or "Fusca" as you have read before. Wally has owned motorcycles in his past and is a very safe driver.  Here in Uruguay, early bicycle riding no doubt prepares the populace to cope with 2 wheels better than I did.

About every 6 months, Jehovah's Witnesses have an Assembly that combines several congregations (a Circuit) so you have seen similar pictures from our last meeting at this Center. Having Several Congregations from various cities meeting together means it's a chance to renew friendships that perhaps distance and just day to day living impedes. I thought this picture of me, taking a picture of someone taking a picture, showed the spirit of friendship.

This is Uruguay, so of course, all 2 days of the program were in Spanish, so this is a picture of poor Wally resting his brain (napping) between sessions (lunch time), slowly, very slowly, we're understanding Español. 

In an interview ( I was asked to do) on what a retiree does to fill their days here in Uruguay, I am glad to be able to have these occasions added to my life and find fellowship with my Uruguayan Brothers.


Syd said...

Wally is learning Spanish in his sleep..!!! That'ya boy....a coule of more naps and you'll be speaking it in no time..!!!LOL

Wally said...

It's called "sleep learning". Unfortunately, in order to speak, I have to be napping- so it's not very practical- but it is relaxing.