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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baipa's In Atlantida

I have to tout the bakery in Atlantida, Baipa. There is a panaderia in Salinas and we will go there to get little coconut macaroons and sometimes a little chocolate cookie. I think these are called, in general, "masas". In Atlantida, however, we have found the best confitería around, Baipa. This group of "masitas" I purchased (chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and creme) to celebrate getting Denise's license, cost us 86 pesos ($4.50 US) and was worth every cent of it. After I perfect my bread-making skills, I will turn to these little delicacies, but I doubt I will improve on these. A fresh cup of cappuccino, and a couple of these makes a very satisfying dessert.


Iggy ( said...

Hi Denise & Wally !
I've benn following your blog for months, but this is my first comment.

For your guidance, Tea at 5 o´clock is a very strong tradition, from the time Britishmen ruled many local companies.
Then, you will see gentlemen and women gathering at CONFITERIAS or just any pub / cafe / restaurant, requesting for a TE COMPLETO, which includes tea/coffee/milk, pastries, a toasted sandwich, orange juice, a big piece of cake, etc, etc.
A Te Completo costs among usd 7 and usd 15.


Wally said...

My wife visited Vancouver, British Columbia and had a "high tea" at the Empress Hotel. I am happy to hear you can get that here, in Uruguay.