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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Has Come and Gone

Saturday has come and gone, but the cabinet maker didn't. We waited faithfully all day. At about 11am, we decided that he probably wouldn't make it in the morning. By 3pm, we finally realized that he wouldn't be coming today, at all. So we decided to get on with our lives and got ready to go to the meeting at the Kingdom Hall.

Guess what? The car battery was dead- left the lights on. Saturday was just not our day.

But on the plus side, we started watching the BBC series- "The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency", set in Botswana. For anyone unfamiliar with Alexander McCall Smith (which is probably most people), I would heartily recommend any of his books as a good read. My wife introduced me to the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series some years ago and I became hooked. A very, very, very laid back series, but you can't help feeling drawn into another world and the BBC series captures the spirit of the book well.

So no cabinets, but a good detective series.......


Anonymous said...

...sorry about the cabinets
...sorry about the car battery
...but you do have a roof over your heads and probably had a nice meal last night...if that's any consolation!!
...Wally, do you want some cabinets from Ikea? They will come broken down and you just put them together with a Philips screwdriver!!:) :)
Take care

Wally said...

Thanks for the offer, Neddie. Eventually I will get the cabinets- probably when the proverbial place of torment freezes over....

And yes, enjoyed a lovely BBQ steak, corn and salad. Can't complain on the food scene, here.