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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Dental Work

Well, Denise lost the temporary filling (for the second time this week), so this is the third visit to the emergency clinic. Still it cost nothing with our medical, and since we are determined to try and save money where possible, she has resisted going to a private dentist and is determined to see the process through to the end, no matter how many visits and how long it takes.

I dropped her off at the clinic and then continued on to Montevideo to pick up some papers for the car. When she was finished having the tooth repacked, on the way home she took a little walk and found this store, nearby. This is a pañalera, not to be confused with a panadería. At a panadería, you can buy bread, but a pañalera is where you go to get a diaper service. Not knowing Spanish could let you in a for a big surprise.

Then a little later, she found this creative graffiti. You see, Uruguay has it all.

I drove into town as far as Géant (a large retail store) at the edge of MVD. I try and keep from driving in town, as it is crazy, so I took the bus from Géant. I took the wrong bus, however (a #104) and got the scenic route. They told me later that they say about the 104, "life goes on...." (la vida continua), implying that life goes on, but there are some questions about the #104.

Remember we got the car in September, and are just getting the paperwork, now. And the amount of paperwork is about the same amount that we got when we bought the house. There are all the declarations by the buyers and sellers, witnessed, stamped and filed, as well as all of the old sales contracts (about 3 others) back through the years. Now, I can go to Atlantida, and register it locally and get Canelones plates. Buying a car is not easy in Uruguay, nor cheap. But when all is said and done- you need a car.


Anonymous said...

Nice graffiti - wonder where it is?

I'm still looking for your carpinteria in PdP - found one of similar genre this side of the peaje on the north....


Wally said...

The grafiti is about a block from the Solymar Medico Uruguaya clinic.