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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Get What You Pay For

When I came back from shopping at Tienda Inglesa, today, Denise was fit to be tied. It turns out that the work we had completed did not meet her standards. And after looking at it, I could see why.

You see, we got our new front door security bars installed. They actually look great. However, we did not get them primarily for security. We got them because we wanted a secure front door that we could open during hot weather, with a mosquito screen. You don't see the screen do you? That is because the herrero put the screen on the outside. The ugly frame with a thousand pop rivets and screen were put on the outside. The lovely design of the door that matches the design on the gate cannot be seen- so we took off the screens and will pay to have it done the right way. We want the neighbors to see the design, not the rivets....

Oh well, you get what you pay for. The guy does nice work, a clean installation (within reason) but no idea what the finished job should look like. To be fair, however, even paying for a new screen will cost less than other estimates. But (and let's all say this together) "You get what you pay for!"


Eddie said...

Hey, Wally:

What's the opening for in the side of the porch foundation where the gangplank is? Also, what are the blocks perpendicular to the main wall in that area for?


Wally said...

The opening on the side is just yet to be filled, but there is a perpendicular wall that will continue out of the main area and produce a lower terrace. The blocks in the middle area are where we THOUGHT we were going to stop the upper terrace. However, when we saw how small it was, we decided to enlarge it, hence the unneeded block. We call it additional support.