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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lesson Well Learned

Sometimes It Just Feels This Way
"I've got a 'what' pointed at my head?"
I have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to doing work on our house- actually 2 lessons.

Lesson 1- get all the particulars in writing. I have always been used to verbal agreements and it has usually worked out well. However, when you don't speak the language well, a verbal agreement might not be what you think it is. Point in case: the security door for our parilla area. I thought that it included the glass. Apparently it didn't, so we now have to get a window person to measure, cut and install the glass. I was a little angry at first (actually quite angry) because I thought it was agreed to have the herrero (iron worker) install the glass, but apparently I was wrong. And I am pretty sure the error was on my part, since an herrero probably doesn't install glass. Just a warning to get it in writing (so you can run home to the dictionary and look up all the words....).

Lesson 2- use professionals. I have a bomba de agua (pump operated well) for irrigation purposes. I needed to get pipes all over the yard so that we can water vegetables, lawn, etc. I arranged for a sanitario (plumber) to install the lines, but he couldn't get to it in time so I did a little section of the plumbing myself. However, I used 1/2" line (which is common here). When the plumber saw it, he commented that 1" is better to allow the pump to work freely and not labor. We tore out my section and the plumber is back today to install the line. I am glad I didn't do the job myself (I actually considered that) as I would have put in all the wrong line and eventually burned out the bomba.

So, lessons learned: get it in writing and pay a professional to do a professional job.

ps- the cannon was found near the port in Montevideo.

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Dominic said...

Looks like a big project you guys are involved in. Good luck!! I look forward to seeing the finished house.