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Friday, December 19, 2008

Learning to Live With It

We we finally got delivery of our custom desk, to fit in the alcove off of our dining area. About 6 weeks ago the carpinteria (carpenter) said it would be ready in 3 weeks. Welcome to Uruguay.

However, after it was delivered and installed we looked over the desk. It is really bad. I could have done a much better job (if I had been so inclined). The piece was not properly sanded, the finish was not properly applied. The stain is very splotchy and there are even some drips. Two of of the little door panels have the grain running in a different direction. The routing on the doors is uneven in places. There are screws showing on a finished surface!

Still, it is finished and installed. The black granite top (purchased from a different source) will be delivered Tuesday and then it will be usable. However, after looking at the piece and rating it 5 out of a possible 10, I really don't feel that bad. It looks like an old piece of built in furniture that we found in the house and decided to keep. And after all is said and done, it does fit perfectly in the space and it does give Denise and I all the desk and storage space we need.

So am I complaining? Actually not (to my great surprise). I am learning that as long as it works and isn't hideous- let's get on with life. We are getting everything we want. The quality might not be the best- but it is within our limited budget and everything is solidly built. So what is there to complain about? Sit back, enjoy the breeze off the water, pour a glass of wine (essential in these situations), cook up some dinner and enjoy!


Eddie said...

Wally, it's hard to see any of the discrepancies you described, but from a distance, it looks great.

Like you, I always look on the bright side. My motto is:

"In a hundred years, you'll never know the difference......."



Wally said...

True, Eddie. My wife said that we will strip and refinish it in 2 years (I will agree to anything 2 years in advance). By then it will be a fixture of the house.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally!!
You have definately made it. You are fully integrated into the Uruguayan mindset. "Es lo que hay"
Why waste unneccesary energy getting annoyed with trivialities.

Have a wonderful holiday season.
Clara & Chuck