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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plaster Going Up - Trees Coming Down

The internet has been down for almost a week. Finally decided to make the call to tech support and they came out today and replaced the modem. Swift service and we are back online.

Well, we are well underway, here. There were several dangerous trees that needed to go and this past week, they came down. Two pine trees in the front were threatening the foundation and also hanging over the driveway (causing delivery trucks to run off the driveway to avoid hitting the tree). Both of them are gone, now- as well as another one of the thorny trees in the back yard. This week, when we remove the last of the thorn tree in the front, we will have all of the trees removed that we wanted.

Aldo is coming along nicely on the first bathroom. He is setting floor tile, today. One of the problems here is that you can't always get what you want from the local suppliers. For instance, Aldo is doing some plastering, since we are only going to 4 foot height with the tile (in order to give a little more feeling of space). You normally use a "hawk and trowel" for this work. Well, you can get trowels, but a hawk (tool used to hold the plaster, while you apply it with a trowel) is not easy to come by. So Aldo manufactured his own. He used a piece of firewood for the handle and the last picture shows where he got the material for the flat surface. You make do or do without is the motto, here.


Eddie said...

Looks like you're staying busy, Wally.

I gotta ask - what's the round concerete cylinder with the hole in the top?

By the way, the owner of the blue bike had a lot of faith in their aiming ability.



Wally said...

Eddie- the concrete cylinder is just a trash burning oven (not for cooking). Just cuttings from the yard, etc.

Out of the 3 trees they cut- one of them fell in the wrong direction. So the blue bike owner had a 33% chance of disaster.