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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back in Business

Bought a new (read used) camera from MercadoLibre (read Latin American eBay) today and I am back in the digital business, again. Actually the charger that came with the camera will also charge the old batteries, so I now have a backup camera.

Aldo finished the first bathroom (with a few improvements to come). Looks great, and with the smaller sized fixtures, it looks like we have loads of room. Friday they will install a glass shower enclosure and we will be finished with the first bathroom.

This is the beginning of the second bathroom remodel- destroyed as per plan. It has a tub. It will be the grey tile, but with rose colored accents and painted rose colored walls (definitely the girl's room).

Denise finally got a DOT approved helmet, yesterday and can legally ride with me. It was just in time. We had made one trip without the helmet, until we found out it is a $200 (or so) fine. Coming back from our first legal trip, the other day- we were stopped by the traffic police. They make random checks for license and registration. It is a good thing we had everything in order, or else we would be crying, now. And the cost of the helmet has been offset by not getting a ticket.


Eddie said...

Wally, your bathroom looks great. Your project's progress has me REALLY itching to start all the stuff I have planned for our house in Colonia.


Syd said...

Wall looks good Wally!