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Sunday, September 14, 2008

End of the Week

This week has seen good progress on our first bathroom and also the sprucing up of our back yard wall (fence).

The bathroom now has almost all of the tile set and Aldo has started to finish the wall where we used to have tile. It's beginning to look like we may get the bathrooms both finished before Aldo returns to New York, in mid- October.

We expect to be able to start landscaping the back yard by the end of this month. That will be something Denise and I do, together.

It is Sunday and this is the only day during the week that we don't have workers on the property. We enjoyed pancakes, this morning (on our new electric griddle) and later, we will have roasted chicken for dinner. The chicken here (as well as all of the meat) is the best we have ever had. It will fortify us for the week to come.

1 comment:

Myer said...

Wall looks good Wally. News on the new GM coming within a few days...