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Friday, September 10, 2010

This Is No Yolk

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I was just yoking around. No- now I feel really bad- I guess the yolk's on you. Now I've just got egg all over my face. Enough!

I am making a carrot cake, this morning for our little karaoke party tonight. I've managed to secure over 500 Spanish language karaoke songs. Yesterday I went to the feria for supplies and for the second time, bought eggs with double yolks. Last time I bought them, I thought it might have just been a fluke. But this time I asked the guy if the selection were "doubles". He assured me they were and they are. Now you might be able to buy double-yolked eggs in the US (I am sure they must be available), but I don't remember ever seeing them advertised or for sale in my regular store.

So I wonder if double yolks are a Uruguayan chicken thing, or are they readily available wherever you live?

In addition, I was able to make a delicious cream cheese frosting using ricotta cheese (so technically, I suppose it is a creamed ricotta frosting). The reason for this is cost.  2- 3 ounce packages of Philadelphia brand cream cheese cost about $8.00 (US). The same amount ricotta costs a little under 50 cents. Using a few spoons of yoghurt to cream the ricotta produced a satisfactory frosting. Not quite as creamy as using cream cheese, but the cost savings alone make it more tasty. I am becoming a big fan of ricotta, having made a very nice Italian cheese cake some time ago. Again, the grainy texture of the ricotta is tempered with some heavy cream or yogurt, but the cost savings is immense. When you are living on a fixed budget, it is nice to be able to have everything you want, at a price you can afford.

As you can see from the invitation that Carolina designed (our resident event planner), there may be photos or videos that appear on the web, for which we assume no responsibility. The last time we posted a video, I really got a kick out of seeing the Uruguayos singing American songs. We'll see if it is as funny when we try to sing Spanish songs...


Anonymous said...

Wally, could the chickens there be healthier and therefore able to produce more double yoked eggs? Here in NY you may find a few double yoked eggs in a dozen "jumbo" but never a whole carton!

Wally said...

I had the same experience in the US. Occasionally getting "double". Maybe it is just a result of contented chickens. I do know I can get them on a regular basis for only a few pesos more than regular.

Anonymous said...

if you want to taste a creamy cheese, useful for toasts and for desserts like Tiramisu, try the REQUESON.

Conaprole, the milk producing cooperative makes good quality requeson that is exported to Brazil and other countries and comes in glasses instead of jars, so after you eat all the requeson you keep the glasses, there is also a diet version and it costs less than 60 pesos, for a 270 cc glass.

Sometimes I use requeson ,instead of tomato sauce,to eat green noodles, made with espinaca or albahaca.

A bag of 500 grs of green noodles, less than 30 pesos in any supermarket


Wally said...

the REQUESON is a spreadable cheese, not the same as cream cheese. I like it, but you can't replace it in recipes that call for cream cheese.

Seamus said...

Per Wikipedia , Double-yolk eggs appear to be just caused by a hiccup in the chichen's reproductive process. The link provides a simple explanation but perhaps more information than you really want.