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Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Horse to Horse

All over the world Jehovah's Witnesses are famous for (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for going "house to house" with their message. This morning we ended up going from "horse to horse" (excuse me, please), as we traveled some 40 miles to help out a small group hand out invitations to their upcoming assembly. We met together in a group near our home, and caravanned together until we reached Montes, a small town in Canelones. The population of Montes, currently is about 1,500. Years ago, when the sugar mill was in operation, there were many more, but when it shut down, many left to find work in other towns and currently, Montes sports a congregation of only 4, which explains why they would appreciate out help to invite their neighbors to the assembly.

Montes proved to be quite a rural territory and unlike some areas, the people were very polite and would take time to talk and accept the invitation. As you walked down the street, people would wave and smile, which is somewhat different from the more populated areas, where people pass by one another, usually without acknowledging one another. It was a refreshing change of pace. There were quite a few sheep in that territory, as well as other animals.

As you can see, we were having quite a nice time, which went by rather quickly, as the towns in the interior shut down abruptly at noon for the afternoon meal and then "siesta" from 1-4 pm. So the work stops at noon.

As we gathered together and headed back in our cars, and said goodbye to the new friends we had made, we looked back on a morning well spent.


administrador said...

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translated by google:
Hi We Claudio and Marcia and I met today, We take the soda water siphon,your blog is very interesting, it's great for us to learn of your vision of the ordinary for us. And his difficulties with the Spanish language course, with patience, will soon speak like natives.Welcome to Uruguay a place also has the blessing, protection and care of our own God Jehová.

Wally said...

Gracias, Claudio. Tienes un interesante blog, tambien, con surgerencias y informacion practica por el jardin.