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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talk In The Park

We went back to the Assembly Hall, this morning for a special talk by a traveling representative of the Watchtower Society. He lives at the Bethel Home in Mexico and is traveling throughout Latin America, giving encouraging talks and sharing information about the rest of the Spanish speaking witnesses.

And this time the little fusca (VW bug) made it without breaking down. So I guess the problems with the brakes are really cleared up. We arrived slightly late, however (this time we forgot the map, and ended up in Pando-a detour that cost us time), but were in time for his talk. He spoke passable Spanish and for us it was a treat, since we could understand almost the entire talk. The local witnesses were probably thinking "speed up and get on with it", but his slow and deliberate pace helped us to comprehend easily.

Since the hall has limited seating and the attendance was over 4,000- most of the attendees found seating throughout the expansive, nicely manicured grounds. There were numerous shade trees, garden benches and ample chairs set out for us. Well positioned sound system speakers carried the program clearly. With a bright sunny day and nice cool breezes- this is one of the nicest assemblies we have ever enjoyed.

When we parked and went to find seating, out of the thousands present, we came upon a seating group from our own congregation. In fact, they were most of the ones from our karaoke party. So they welcomed us with open arms and some kisses and we sat with them until it was over.

Then we took these pictures. The interesting thing is that instead of using the phrase "Say cheese!", they use "Say Whiskey (pronounced 'weekee')! I asked why and they said it is because "whiskey" is just funnier than "cheese" and gets more of a laugh. Try it sometime. Apparently this photographic technique has variations from country to country, says this wikipedia article.

We got home safely, as well- a very pleasant day, indeed.


Chris said...

Sitting outside during an assembly...sounds great! It is so good to hear about these spiritual adventures.

Seamus said...

Once again, under the heading of "I thought I'd seen everything..." this time under the subheading of "I thought I'd read all the most unusual articles on Wikipedia"...They even have an article on "Say Cheese!"????!!!!!!!???