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Friday, February 12, 2010

Paperwork II

Today I actually accomplished 2 things! The small motorcycle was sold and transferred successfully. Of course, it took 3 hours waiting and waiting and waiting- but I'm retired. What else do I have to do?

The second thing is that I finalized the peaje (toll booth) account. They accepted the documentation. Now, they send out an inspector to the house and verify the distance from the peaje. If you are under 10k's, you get an 80% discount and over 10k's, you get 60% discount. I will get the 80% discount. After they verify the location of the house, I will come in and they will install the little electronic chip. I will credit the account, and thereafter, when I pass through the toll booth- instead of paying 45 pesos each way, I will pay only 10 pesos! Of course the discount is only good at the local toll booth (Pando), but I can still use the electronic scanners to pay at other peajes, only I pay the full amount, with no discount.

It just goes to show that things work here- if you have lots and lots of patience.

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