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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tooth Update

Denise has an appointment at the main office of Medico Uruguaya for the 30th of this month. But this morning, for the third time, the temporary filling came out and we had to trudge down to the local emergency clinic to have another temporary filling put in. A friend asked why don't we just break down and have a local dentist do the job. We want to see how the "free" system works (through our medical insurance). We shall see. By the way, it was pouring down rain, today. What is with this "summer"?

As a result of the little tooth incident, we wouldn't have been good company, so we missed out on a wonderful invitation by our Russian/Argentine friends for a special asado. They were roasting an entire lamb and if we were feeling better, it would have been special occasion, but such is life. Hopefully we will see them one more time before they head back to New York.

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Seamus said...

Re "What is with this "summer"?" and all the rain...Sometimes it just rains by the ocean. Once, when I used to go to Jamaica a lot, I took an unusual 2 weeks rather than just one week and I went at an unusual time. I don't remember what month. For the 10-14 days I was there we got 25 inches of rain. (Portland Parish in the northeast end of Jamaica gets about 230 inches of rain/year.) It was still better than winter in Chicago. When I got to the Montego Bay airport to leave I found people who were leaving late because they got flooded INTO their resort. Sometimes it just rains.