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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Summer Has Really Arrived

Well, after a false start some weeks ago (one beautiful day and then torrential downpours)- we have finally entered the real summer. Now I can see that it begins at Christmastime, for us. Dec 24 is when the families arrive to their summer houses and the festivities begin. By January 2nd- it is in full swing. You can see the difference between the winter beach and the summer beach.

With the hot weather in upper 70's and low 80's, even the dogs are feeling the summer. Here is a picture of Shila eating. Normally, she will eat anything, at any time of day. But today, they didn't care for a morning meal and even Shila only ate, because Denise put her dog dish right between her paws, while she was laying down. That is one lazy dog.

I swept the patios, and washed the windows today. The storms had streaked the windows badly. We now have a pristine view of the beach. Many parts Uruguay to the East (in Rocha, near the Brazilian border) have not fared so well with the rains, this year. Many places had severe flooding and are still just getting on their feet. While we had the rains here, as well, the damage was almost negligible. A few power outages, a little leak here or there is all that we experienced.

So, we sit here with a gin and tonic (the approved drink for hot weather), safe in the knowledge that we are staving off malaria (just kidding), and happy to have finally entered summer.


Sandi in San Berdu CA said...

Well I'm 2/3 thru Blogville Uruguay and chuckling all the way. It's been a great stroll. You wanted to publish your marriage rules but really, I think you have a winner. All of Norte Americano is frozen popcorn in hand,checkbook cocked and ready to fire,passport and eager spirit held in tow, beside their computers,awaiting your next nstallment on how to conquer the land down under. You need to publish your blog as a guide to all the adventurous. "As Uruguay Turns"
No kiddin Wally and Denise, I like many many others have throughly enjoyed your adventures! Keep em comin...

Wally said...

Sandi- describing anything taking place in Uruguay as an "adventure" is possibly a stretch, however, having spent some time in San Bernardino (back in the 60's), Uruguay just might be an adventure (just kidding, you know).

Your positive comment has made our day. Thanks for taking the time..... Curious how you ran across the blog (but happy that you did)????