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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week to Go Down in History

Well, despite rumors to the contrary, we are still very much alive. But this past week was a milestone in recent history. Three different workers (count them, three) turned up to work on completing some of the projects that had been started months ago. Perhaps the recent election brought out the volunteer spirit??

Anyway, Friday brought us one of the most dramatic thunder and lightning storms and dropped hail the size pecans and dumped more water in an hour than we have had in the last month. The picture at the top is sheets of water on the front window. I had opened the shutters in the morning, not expecting such a heavy rain, and had to go out in the downpour to close them. I was soaked through in a minute. Earlier, before the heavy rain, I had been out in the yard "watering" the dogs and heard strange popping sounds. I couldn't figure out what it was until I got hit on the back of the hand with a large hailstone. It hurt! I quickly got us all inside. Shortly thereafter, the water came down. The picture to the right is the front door mat with some of the hailstones.

Eventually it subsided and Jorge, who had never stopped working, completed the last of the tile work for our living, dining and office tile, including the fireplace. The next day he returned and started the kitchen and we were able to move our furniture back. Saturday night, we sang our first karaoke songs in weeks and enjoyed sitting in our "new" living room. Hell Week(s) is officially over.

Earlier in the week, as I mentioned, several other workers came out of the woodwork (no pun intended, since one of those workers is a cabinet maker). Firstly, the herrero (iron worker) came back to finish putting in the security locks on the shutters covering the front windows and doors. A sturdy post at the end and 2 locks in each postigo (shutter) gives us a little more security.

Then, Pedro, our cabinet maker, came with the doors and drawers for the lower cabinets, which had been installed way back in June (about 5 months ago). Each month as we checked on his progress he assured us he would be over next week. Well, he did come next week, just a little more "next" than we anticipated. In his defense, he lost his helper and had been sick. Denise has designed the kitchen cabinets with many, many drawers (as most kitchens lack these). The cabinet maker could not figure out why we needed so many drawers. But all the doors and drawers are raised panel construction and the drawers were installed with custom ball bearing glides. He has told us to expect the upper cabinets this coming Tuesday. Hmmmm I am sure it will be a Tuesday.... but will it be next Tuesday. We shall see.

The puppies and Nathan, the cat, have been taking their incarceration well. They have been confined to the hallway for weeks now, but spending most of the time outside, as the weather has been very nice (past Friday, excepted). Today, Sunday, Jorge and his helper are here to finish the last of the kitchen tile. There will still be a few more days of work (finish grouting, cleaning), but we are fast approaching the day when all of our inside projects will be finished and we can get on the the business of living.

Since buying this house at the end of July, 2008, we have been trying make the house own own. Perhaps now, I will have time to get bored.

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