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Monday, November 9, 2009

Day At the Beach

Well, we took advantage of nice weather today and took the dogs to the beach. It has been almost 8 days of intermittent rain (starting with the big downpour Friday before last) and while yesterday was very nice, I spent most of the day on my hands and knees fighting the fine fight against dandelions. I think I have won the battle in the front yard. But that was yesterday. Today would be different.

The weekend crowd had left today (all 6 of them) and we had the beach almost all to ourselves. Barney had been to the beach only once, and on the leash all the time. Shila had never been. We walked them down to the beach and let them fly. They loved it. Barney took to the water (with his short hair), but Shila got in a little too- just at the foam break.

They ran, they sniffed, they picked up things that couldn't be identified, but must have been intriguing, all the same. All in all, it was a successful outing. They were even willing to drop things which we thought they should stay away from (though we had to resort to shouting, at times). Shila finally got tired of it, and we trooped them home. They didn't mind being put back on their leashes when we got near the stairs of the beach entrance and we were happy to bring them home, safe and sound and probably quite tired.

Last week the carpenter told us the last of the cabinets (the uppers) would be finished and installed on Friday or Saturday. Well, you know how that went. But for now, having the floor finished and our furniture back in place and the kitchen sink installed (wow! I can finally wash dishes in the kitchen and not in Denise's bathroom) has put us in a much better frame of mind. I have spent the last few days using my weed wacker to clean up the back and front yards. We are not intending on having anything that would allow us to play lawn croquet, just a clean back yard that the dogs can enjoy. I have projects that will keep me busy during the next few weeks, and then we should be in top shape.

So, while the northern hemisphere settles into it's winter position- we are getting out fans and swim trunks and planning on our summer vacation. Where will we go? How about a lovely beach in South America? I think there is one nearby.


Debi in Memphis said...

I am soooo green with envy! That is exactly what David (hubby) and I are dying to do.....hit the beach with both dogs and watch 'em run. It has to be much better than the dog park here in Memphis. Sorry 'bout the rain there. We've had a little break from it after the Memphis Monsoons which lasted nearly a month. Enjoy your spring!

Jamie in Seattle said...

Wow Wally, the puppies are really growing. I imagine it was great to get them out and let them run and play. There is nothing worse than
puppies indoors in winter. Thanks for keeping us infomred. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Our small dog has finally gotten over being freaked by the water - she even swam a couple times (by accident ;-)

We have all kinds of news - our swimming pool has been cleaned up *not* and the car we bought is working *not* and our personal effects were delivered yesterday *not* and a guy came to give us an estimate on repairing the roof from the wind storm *not* and we've finally got our cedula application completed *not*.

"Uruguay: Getting Things Done *not*"


Wally said...

Doc-welcome to Uruguay!

Alvaro said...

It is great to know that you appreciate my country so much. The irony is that most of Uruguayans immigrate to North America, like I did.

Wally said...

Alvaro- most of the Uruguayans leaving for the US, do so for economic reasons. Then, when they get ready to retire, they come back here, as we have. Unfortunately, this country is not a good place to make a living- but a great place to live...