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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Well we started on the first of our outdoor projects today. Since Aldo is off to New York, we were fortunate to run across Tony Grimwade- a transplanted Brit and former resident of Spain (12 years). Tony's wife, Noeli, is a master ceramics worker and instructor and she
brought Tony back to Uruguay, when Spain became more expensive to live in.

Tony is an experience. He has more stories than Kipling. And despite having spent over 12 years in Spanish speaking countries- like a true Brit, he disdains speaking Spanish with anything even close to a Spanish accent.

He sounds like an Englishman speaking Spanish (which I guess he is, "idn't he?"). Anyway, Tony is a master concrete worker, among other things, and avid (and I actually mean rabid) gardener. So he will be helping us get our back yard set up for vegetable production. Starting with the backs steps here, we will progress to raised planter beds and hopefully espaliered fruit trees, with a pleasant graveled seating area, surrounded by lavender, much like we had in Seattle. And when I say "we"- do not be shocked to see me actually lifting more than a finger. Since Tony is close to 70, I couldn't very well let him work in the hot sun without doing something. With Tony's help, we may get a planting in this year. But if not, we will be set up for future production.

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