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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Dirt on Uruguay

Well we bought some dirt, today. As you may remember, most of our beach area is made up entirely of sand. When you go out into the yard to dig, a few inches of soil is all you find and then it is sand, all the way. Now that is good for weeding. I can't believe that I can pull dandelions out, root and all, just by hand.

But for growing plants, you need soil. The group of 50 bags (about a liter each) cost just under $43 (US). I wasn't able to find someone to sell us truckloads of soil (tierra negra), but the fellow who delivered this sells directly to the viveros (nurseries) and sold it at the same price. As you can see, it is quite a good quality mulched planting mix. So, good price or not, we have soil and we'll start planting some of the plants we took out for the wall and then we'll start looking for more. We were directed to a vivero no far from here- "Pachamamas". The name alone, sells me.

Denise bruised her leg yesterday on our first little motorcycle accident. Coming around the corner, the neighbor had put sand in the road to fill in the deep ruts, but the little scooter has such small wheels that they just buried themselves and turned the bike down. No permanent damage, but I will be calling her "the gimp" for a week or so. So our planting will be her pointing and me actually doing the planting. Do you think she is faking the injury?

The weather has been spectacular lately. Beautiful blue skies and the nights have had more stars than I have seen in decades. Can hardly wait for the summer.

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Eddie said...

I hate to say this, Wally, but that sure is expensive dirt. It's not so bad if that's all you're gonna use, but at this rate, you could have thousands of dollars invested before you're finished.
I don't have any contacts in your area, or I'd try to help you find a truckload somewhere. Keep asking around before you buy any more - I'm sure someone will bring you a bulk truckload at a much cheaper rate.