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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Blog/New Destination

For those who were readers of "panamawally" blog and who were wondering what happened- this is what happened:

First, the perfect sale of our house, which could never be duplicated, defaulted. This happened on the very day of our closing. We had signed the papers, rented a moving van, were in the process of selling our last vehicle when the call came in that the buyer had cancelled the sale.

Fast forward one week (let's not dwell on all the tears and frustration), we decided to put the house back on the market. Within one week, we had another sale, a little better price and a well qualified buyer.

Fast forward 9 days- the new, well-qualified buyer has backed out of the deal and we are back on the market.

Still, we have sold the house twice, in as many months- so things are looking up. If we could just find a buyer that will keep up the sale until it actually closes!


Seamus said...

Do they have written offers in Panama as in the States? Was there any earnest money? Did you get it when they defaulted? If not, why not? Did you ask for any? Why was there none? Is it allowed in Panama?

The details are naturally none of my business. I'm just wondering about the process.


Wally said...

Seamus- all of those negotiations took place in Seattle, Washington. We never moved to Panama- that was only a plan that never took place.

We would be happy to publish the URL of the Paraguay group.