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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Fat Lady Has Sung

No disrespect intended to any rotund readers, but we have finalized the sale on Casa Tranquilo and have closed the chapter on Uruguay. With 7 plus years of insight into the country via our experiences, we will leave the blog up for new people to enjoy.

As of this date forward, we are living in Macon, Georgia and I plan on posting, on occasion, about our new experiences in the South. The new blog is entitled "Heart of Georgia". The actual web address is: (heartofgeorgia was already taken, obvously).

Thanks for all your comments and for looking in on us from time to time. I hope to see you at our new blog (all 5 of you).

Wally & Denise


Norma said...

I discovered your blog in January 2015 and backtracked to the very beginning, reading every post. I even tracked you back to Panama (that didn't last long.) I enjoyed following along with your renovations and learning about your love of Uruguay including the naming of your home. I thought: how appropriate that name is, and I believe you will come to miss the beautiful view and sea breeze. When seemingly out of the blue, you announced you were leaving and putting your house up for sale, I was completely surprised as no doubt, others were. For two or three months I would check back from time to time, expecting you would change your minds and stay but never finding another post. Until today, that is. You see, my husband, second son and I are planning to retire to Uruguay within the next six months and I wanted to show my husband what a fine job you did with the video tour of your house. It appears to be a great way to expose a property to a broader audience of potential buyers and apparently it worked well for you since the house sold in under three months despite the hike in price early on. I wish you well in your Georgia home. Perhaps one day you can consolidate your blogs into "WALLY & DENISE TRAVEL THE AMERICAS."
(from the mountains of North Carolina)

Wally said...

Norma... I am sure you and your family will love Uruguay. We left partially because of financial and partly because Spanish was a losing battle for me. I could speak well enough.... but never fluently. Hope you do better.

ClaraFA said...

Hi Norma, I'm Clara, a 58 year old Uruguayan citizen living abroad since 1982. My home place is in Italy, the Swiss alps, close to Lake Como.
I have lots of family by the ocean in Uruguay, LA Paloma is my goal every Southern summer.
How do you like it? Hope you are enjoying.
Could you please tell me how can I see the blog wally and Denisse wrote about Uruguay? Thanks
Ciao, enjoy your stay

Wally said...

Clara - it seems that you have found our Uruguayan blog. I am not sure that we will continue, but I have started a blog called "Heart of Georgia". Not much time, here though, since I am back to work, full time.