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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Through My Window!

One thing that I enjoy about having a blog is that it gives me an excuse to tell people what's happening in my life and in Uruguay. This last weekend, July 28th, was our 40th Wedding Anniversary!!!
Thanks to our Amigos, I had a nice time that day.

Weather-wise, we have been going through a cold spell, as mentioned in an addendum to my last post. Yes, I know that it's winter down here but we have had some "Arctic blasts" of cold air for a week. We have also had surprisingly, 2 really warm days thrown into the mix, I didn't even use my wood stove during them.  I also took advantage of the warm reprieve and mowed my back lawn! Yeah for me, because it was "just in time", as today it's rainy and has gone back to being cold again, burr.

Another thing, that I enjoy about having a blog is that it gives me an excuse to take lots of pictures.

Most of the time my posts are about different situations, I find myself in here in Uruguay. I help describe them visually to you readers by including photos. I try to always take a "positive spin" on the event and include any lessons I might have learned. Sometimes though, I don't feel like wondering what my next post will be about, I just like chilling out at home staring out my window and if an idea occurs to me so much the better.

You would think that in a neighborhood where maybe 1 car an hour drives by that there wouldn't be much to see or photograph but with a blogger's mentality and an enjoyment of taking photos you'd be amazed!

So the rest of this post has no real story, events, situations or any lessons learned but is simply some of the cool things I have seen through my window. I actually have 3 large picture windows in my house so my line of sight has helped me capture these photos without even going outside!

On super lazy days "cloud watching" is enough. I recall as a child trying to see shapes in each cloud. Tropical fish swimming or chickens? Hum, I must be hungry. The middle picture has an actual jet plane flying up high that I spotted, the third cloud looks hungry, better hurry jet.

This double rainbow appeared last year, but I just had to include it here. Despite, its being seen and photographed by many people and even posted to Facebook by others, doesn't it seem to be ending right on the beach in front of my house? My picture window gave me a great view of it!

A cute red fishing boat usually goes about the waters in front of my house every morning in search, I think, for the medium size white fish that I see leap out of the water. I haven't learned what type of fish that they are yet. I'm not a morning person, so I'm glad that I can take these photos of the guys in their yellow slickers from inside. Notice the telephone wires. Most people would have edited them out but I left them in, to show that I didn't bother leaving my living room to get this shot.

Here is a closeup, I took to show the contrast between the little fishing boat and the larger ships.
Notice the large tankers and container ships shown in the background along the horizon. They are lined up and waiting to enter the Montevideo Port some 40 Kilometers (24 miles) away (counting by land).

I hope they're not afraid of birds! Any Alfred Hitchcock fans?
In summer there is a maned lifeguard station about 1/2 a block away. Someone must have gone missing  and others called in the coast guard because this larger vessel appeared. They seem to be searching the waters. I found out much later that there was a poster reporting a missing woman, connected, I don't know.

Most of the "through my window" sights, aren't so troubling. I just have to be quick enough in grabbing my camera to capture them. What a beautiful bird or is it a hawk?

Storms approaching, the water changing color during the day sometimes champagne colored, silver or even pink depending on the light and general sky watching is also enjoyable to see.

Then, once in a while, I am truly rewarded with a photo opportunity! I was so glad that I had my camera available for these shots!

These are also, some of the best full moon pictures that I have ever taken. What a combo!

I have seen these people in their flying machines go by before. They are not hang gliding, rather the sails are being held up by wind created using a large fan. You can hear these motors coming before you can see them fly by, so that gave me the time I needed to grab my camera. The style of each persons' flying machine is slightly different from each other. The person with a red sail sits in a chair like contraption with his little legs dangling in the wind. The guy with the blue sail has more of a dune buggy, car like structure that he rides and sails high in.

Through my window, I have seen horses and riders galloping by. This one seems to be prancing!

I've seen all kinds of birds including humming birds, boats, ships, and people on the beach, some windsurfing and others surf fishing.

There have been, "dogs in packs" running along the beach and at night fire flies, which I will try and capture in a photo one night.

All in all, if I keep my sense of wonder and a camera ready even a day at home, just looking through my window can be blog worthy. I hope you agree.


TV said...

Great post and great looking photos! I love the manner of your posts. Kep up the good work!
We may make it down there yet and when we do we will be waving outside your home (as taught by you) to come visit!
Thanks again for all the posts!

Denise said...

Dear Terry,
Thanks! I always enjoy hearing from you!

If you ever do come and visit just start "clapping away" and waving if you like and I'll come and gladly visit with you! Just try and pick a better time of year than "our winter". Down here, June, July and August are "yucky"!
So come during "your winter" not ours and you'll enjoy the trip.

Take care! Denise