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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Grumpy Old Man Showed Up At My Door

This would probably be the title of Denise's post about my return home. I had planned on arriving back home on Thursday. I didn't actually return home until today, Sunday. On Thursday, however, a grumpy old man showed up at Denise's door. Tired and frustrated from the return trip home, I was no picnic. Having lugged around way too much baggage, through San Francisco, Dallas, Buenos Aires, Buquebus terminal, Colonia and finally Atlántida, where I found a taxi home- I arrived far less like myself than I have ever been.

After a brief greeting and hugs and kisses (way too brief), I proceeded to unpack all of my goodies. I had dropped the new Macintosh laptop on the tile in the Buquebus terminal in Argentina. Upon powering it up, I found that the charger no longer worked. then I hooked up my new Yamaha electric keyboard to my virtually new Fender amplifier, only to find that the amplifier was busted. Needless to say, the grumpy old man quickly turned into a certifiable idiot.

What should have been a wonderful happy occasion turned into an unpleasant side note.

The next morning I awoke and was faced with 9 months of maintenance issue with the house. First I went to charge the battery of the car with my brand new battery charger, only to find that the battery charger didn't work. Ah well........  So I took it apart, reconnected some wires and got it charging. I decided to back up both of our old computers and then completely reinstall new systems, to speed things up. ABI (a bad idea)! The next 8 hours was spent figuring out how to get things working again and wondering why I always seem to want to improve on things that work. After a nice cup of coffee and talk with Denise, I calmed down some. She pointed out how my return had fallen far short of her expectations. Hey... they had fallen far short of mine. Friday was a better day.

Saturday, I got the car running, the computers back to operating condition, mourned briefly the passing of my "new" laptop and we settled in for a nice relaxing day.

This morning, Sunday, I woke up next to my loving wife, the birds were chirping, the sun was peeking through the window and a cool breeze was coming in. As I lay there, completely contented (and Denise was also), I had finally come home. It had taken several days, but I was home.

By the way- if you ever see that grumpy old man around the neighborhood- kick him in the ass for me!


Maink said...

Yay! Wally, you're home!!! I'm so happy for both of you! I hope the grumpy old man leaves Denise alone for awhile. ;) haha! Big hugs from us!

Seamus said...

Be it ever so humble...... (although I don't know if you can truely call, even a modest, not so far from the beach, house in Uruguay, humble...)
Home is where the heart is....
Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.
Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway.
Home is where you can scratch where it itches.

Welcome home, Wally. It's a happy thing that you made it safe and sound.

Made it home.

TV said...

Wally and Denise reunited. That's all that matters.
Happy for you both! ":-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Wally!

-- Shirley

PS You're a strong woman, Denise!

Anonymous said...

what wally so openly told us,,,is real life!!!!!!!!!
that kind of things happens all the time

being tired and sleepy alters people behaviour quiet badly
good for you to overcome it
i agree Denise you must be a very strong woman!!!
old retired lady