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Friday, December 16, 2011

Keep A Candle In The Window

On that note, I will make one last post from the good 'ole USA. After having spent the last 8 months here, I will be very happy to return "home". It is hard to believe that anyplace other than the US could be home, but Uruguay is our home, now. There are some things I will miss, but others that I definitely will not. One thing I have missed greatly are our friends that we made in the last 3 years. We plan a great BBQ and Karaoke party on my return.

However, my time here with my father has proved to be a positive experience. When I first arrived, just 8 months ago, he was deeply grieving from my mother's death. He had spent 5 years, visiting her twice a day while her capacities dwindled. Toward the end, she had a mere existence and not much of a life. All of us feel that her death was a blessing in many ways.

Unbelievably, however, just a month ago, my father met and started dating again. While some may feel that this is too soon after my mother's death- remember, she was "gone" long ago. Anyway, my 88 year old dad is now dating an 89 year old "girl". And they are sickeningly "in love". They go about holding hands, saying "I love you" and carrying on like a couple of kids. Both of them are in excellent health (they have more energy than me). They go dancing on Sunday nights at a club in Modesto that specialized in "Big Band" records. Anyway- I guess that you could say that my mission here is completed and time for me to move on.

Denise has done such a good job while I am away, that I fear she has finally realized just how useless I am. I need to get back before she sees that she doesn't need me at all. So I am starting to pack and anticipating returning home in a little over 3 weeks. After 8 months, I am ready.

Keep a candle in the window.... I'm coming home soon.

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TV said...

Well that's great Wally. Soon you'll be able to see the wifey! I'm glad you had a decent time here in California and that your dad is getting along OK. Michelle and I actually live only a bit away here in Sacramento and had I realised that, would have tried to meet with you while you were here.
For 2 years before we got married, my wife lived in Hong Kong and even though I traveled there often, the apart times were kinda rough.
So I'm happy you and Denise will be reunited soon.
Take Care