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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ahh... Moments!

Ah! Yesterday was beautiful! The sun was shining, it was hot and clear and I took the dogs to the beach.

Yesterday, I noted that my "rose garden" actually had a few roses in it. The daisies far out shine them with a giant bush of yellow flowers and from the african ones, a multitude of purple flowers spread. My Calla Lilies are in bloom, which always reminds me of that Katherine Hepburn movie (Stage Door). My Irises have also bloomed and I forgot I had planted some white ones as well as the purple varity. I also have some yellow ones coming up in my upper garden.

For you gardeners, almost anything that you can grow along the west coast of the USA from California to Washington State can be grown here as well. That includes Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Cactus, plant memories of my Southern California childhood. Pine trees and ferns, much more recent memories, from my 18 years in Washington State are also abundant here. Everything else, from elsewhere and in between, likewise manages to grow here. So do roses, for you Portland, Oregon, "city of roses" folk.

As for my beach visit with the dogs in tow, I did venture to dip a toe into the water to test its temperature. I didn't scream, like I did back in the depths of winter from fidget waters, so it's warming up. A few years back, during full summer mode, the water was so warm that Wally and I went night swimming to catch small fingerlings with a lantern and net.

The morning started out with a surprising ah moment, as I was shopping. Hard to see where this will lead but bear with me. While I was in a grocery store I saw a young man hovering by me. I am always aware of my surroundings and people near me, since I have (in the past) also lived in New York City. My mother, a native New Yorker, taught me some street smarts. Well, he seemed to want to approach me but was hesitant, so I looked him straight in the eye and that caused him to speak up! "I read your blog", he said "and enjoy it very much!" Then he said softly in English, "How is Wally doing?" He had seen me at the feria before but hadn't wanted to bother me there. We were in the milk aisle of this store and so it seemed easier for him to get the nerve up and say hi. His name is Diego. He is a native Uruguayan and no, I don't always bring my camera everywhere, so I couldn't take his photo, sorry.  He said, he liked reading about our experiences and viewpoint of his country and our life here. I am pleased to know that I have readers from inside this country as well as out. So Diego, thanks for reading and for contributing to this post!

After shopping, doing my gardening tour and the beach trip and a few other puttering chores, I had time to talk to a few people. People in my neighborhood started to say that it was going to rain that night. For a country where most people travel by motorcycle and/or bicycle the weather is a hot topic. Your mother was right in saying, that if you need to make polite conversation, talk about the weather!  I listened dutifully while our gardeners gave me a 3 and a half day rundown on the rain schedule. That night, (Thursday), Friday, Saturday and probably into Sunday (they said Domingo, of course) it was going to rain big time! I can see how, if you have to ride on an open vehicle like a bike, how dangerous it could be and how wet you could become if it rains. So wind and rain are a daily concern. I thought I was almost finished with cold icky weather and fire making as the last two days went by without stoking up my woodstove. Heeding their warning, I thought I'd better get things ready. I went out into the neighborhood (up the street) and picked up some kindling I had seen earlier in a ditch and restocked my plastic tote with branches. Then I brought a few logs inside the house. All the while I was looking at the beautiful blue sky above me!

Come evening time I began to see the first clouds brewing which lead me to wonder if riding my bicycle to my congregation meeting that night was going to be a possibility. Just in the nick of time, a returning neighbor, who normally lives in Montevideo, told me she was now staying here in Marindia with her husband. She lives right across the street from me (in their second home). Normally her grown son stays in the house. A few months ago I met her on one of her vacations here. I found out that she goes to the same Kingdom Hall as I do, when she's in town. So, Ahh..., sigh of relief, she offered to drive me in her car that night to the meeting and to some up coming meetings! Her name is Ana.

Later that night when I was safely home, the rains began! Boy did it storm! My wood stove was all primed and ready to go. All my animals were inside with me enjoying the fire. My last, Ah moment, came when I looked at my cat Nathan snuggled up with my dogs. Barney the black dog has the least amount of fur so he likes to sleep under a blanket. Nathan saw him as a soft warm pillow and so plopped down right on top of him! I am always amazed when supposing enemies like cats and dogs can get along together.

Today it poured down rain again, true to everyone's prediction. So I stayed inside. I have a future post planned. I'm just waiting on an interview. I was going to try and get it done today but instead decided to sit by the fire and enjoy another, Ah moment, watching my pet menagerie enjoy, snuggling together once more. In one photo you can see, two little black legs belonging to Barney sticking out. Looking at the above picture, how could I not help but smile at this group?

It's nice to know, during rain or shine, one can still have an ahh...moment!


TV said...

I think some of the allure of your and Wally's blog is the unpredictability of what we'll see next. Also, you both seem to make everyday life such an adventure. I hope you both keep writing as you do because there is a knack there indeed!

Wally said...

Ah well... there goes the neighborhood. Just kidding. I look forward to meeting you folks when I return in January. Until then, you will be in the capable hands of my wife.

Denise said...

Dear Mariellen and Jim,

I deleted your email after writing it down in my private address book. However I thought that others might want to see the comment you wrote so I am reposting it below.

My husband and I have recently moved from Minnesota USA to Uruguay as retirees the end of June of this year, right before the coldest part of the year, and are staying in a summer house rental that was very cold!At least we are from a cold climate and it wasnt too bad! we have now bought a home a few blocks from the beach in Marindia that we will be moving into in 4-6 weeks. We cannot wait.
Susan and Doug Dubusque have become friends of ours, and mentioned you and Wally's names to us and your blog. We find your blog very informative, and enjoy your sense of humor and the candid opion of Uruguay. alot of the ex-pats here seem to be very negative and grumpy, and we are very happy with our decision to move here other then the fact we miss family and friends. I hope you will conta ct us. Mariellen & Jim