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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Friendly Country

What a wonderful country this is. This is almost not to be believed. But here goes the story. A couple of weeks ago I posted "A Sad, Sad Tale", lamenting the fact that tequila (an essential element for successful karaoke singing) was so expensive and that we had been forced to drop down to cachaça (a relatively inexpensive Brazilian liquor). It was, of course, tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless, sadly true.

However, a few days later, one of our readers (a doctor, living in Rocha, near the Brazilian border) emailed me and let me know that liquors, purchased in the duty-free shops of Chuy (a border town) were less expensive. He told me that he would check on the price, the next time he visited. We were surprised (to say the least), when he emailed that he had purchased a bottle of José Cuervo and was going to send it to us as a gift. Wow! The cost of the 750 ml bottle was about U$S 12.00. In our local store (Tienda Inglesa) it cost well over twice that (I don't even think they stock the "special silver") and in Seattle, it would have cost $20. Now, we honestly don't drink that much, at all, but we do "take a shot" before karaoke (you wouldn't want to hear us sing without a drink), so it looks like a visit to Chuy is going to be in our future.

So today, as we were leaving the house to visit some friends, we received a delivery from Tiempost. Now, Tiempost is like UPS in the States. I have shipped several things with them and they seem to be very reliable. The funny thing is, that one of our best friends, Luisa, just started working for them and told them "she knew us and knew exactly where we lived". It was she who delivered the box.

So, to sum it all up, isn't this just the friendliest little country?


InvestLiveUruguay said...

Yes, that is exactly the way we are. If it were my father he would have gone to Chuy and back to deliver the present himself :)

Geraldo said...

Hello Wally!
I don’t like cachaça, but it can get very refined (and expensive), depending on the material and process used to produce it. By the way, have you already tried my recipe of “caipirinha”? It is very easy to prepare and I am sure you will love it!

Wally said...

Geraldo- we have tried and enjoy the caipirinha..... Thanks.