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Monday, February 21, 2011

An Artist's Quote

Last night, I unpacked another box of stuff. We are still finding little caches of shipped items from our original move here. I guess after almost 3 years of living here in Uruguay I should be done with settling in but no.

 Anyone who has ever lived with a long term remodeling project knows how disruptive it can be. Most of you blog readers know that we have only recently finished our kitchen. So I remembered a box of kitchen decorations I had left packed could now be opened and displayed. Wally was a dear and surprisingly was very prompt in helping to install them. Here's the finished display.

 Now, all of this is pretty boring stuff. The reason, I am mentioning it is because of something else I found in that box besides the dish decoration. It was an artist's quote that I had saved and was now rereading after many years.

The quote, "Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure- that of being Salvador Dali."

I couldn't help but laugh. Finding that note, was like a gentle way of, reaching out to myself, reminding me (with that quote) that I should feel just like that. Not, in wanting to be that surrealism painter, Salvador Dali (his melting clock image may come to your mind). Rather, that quote should spur me on to awake each morning- pleased to be me. Salvador Dali also said, "Have no fear of perfection- you'll never achieve it." I know that, I am not perfect, never wearing that term "Perfectionist" I'm also not an artist but I do love design and seeing the beauty in the ordinary, in the life that surrounds me. (I also love animals and kitsch, the 50's).

So, early in the morning with the Dali saying on my mind, I took the dogs to the beach before the vacation crowd woke up and filled it. I saw evidence of other creative beings who had been there (at the beach) before me. The tree branch sand castle caught my eye. (Shown at the start of this post).

Next, standing on the beach, I looked back at my house and saw the beauty that was Uruguay and our place in it. I experienced again a supreme pleasure seeing our house nestled into the landscape. In lieu of painting a portrait I did what I could and took a photo instead.

Some wild "morning glories" a fitting flower name for this day, were included in my photo shoot.

Finally, the pride of Uruguay, it's coastline just had to be included. The sun, sand dunes, fauna and water could not help but make me think that "Each morning that I awake (I should) experience again a supreme pleasure- that of being me, Denise Glass.
Today, I did just that!


Anonymous said...

I think that last photo is a stunning composition. You may be more of an artist than you realize!
-- Phil

Geraldo said...

Hello Denise!
What is the name of the place we see on the background of the last picture? Is it a peninsula?

Denise said...

Thanks Phil,
When the digital camera came out I started to really enjoy taking photos knowing that the cost to develop the pictures was no longer an issue. Now I have a way to capture the beauty I always saw.

Denise said...

Dear Geraldo,

What you see is simply more of the coastline of Uruguay. The city of Atlántida is what we're looking at. The coast of Uruguay forms little bay like areas up and down it's coast.