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Monday, December 6, 2010

In Search of Free Golf

Like Ponce de Leon's search for the Fountain of Youth, Pizarro's search for the city of Inca Gold and Indiana Jone's search for the Crystal Skull- I am in search of free golf. Yes, rumor has it (and several people reported on it) that there is free golf at Montevideo's municipal golf course at Punta Carrettas on Mondays. It is said that the course is open on Sunday for the public to stroll the grounds and that on Monday, you can play for free.

I would probably amend that to most Mondays. After getting up, getting my golf equipment in order, locating the golf course, I enjoyed the 24 mile drive into town to the course, taking the coastal route on the rambla. At around 9 in the morning the last few miles were stop and go traffic, due to the morning rush hour, but before and after that small bottleneck, it was smooth sailing. I even found the course entrance, easily.

However, it was not to be a day of free golf, today. I was informed that the course was completely closed for maintenance. Normally, some of the holes are closed, and you just play around them. But I was told the whole course was closed. Before I left, I noticed someone boldly walking through the gate, past the guard with clubs and a cart. Then I remembered you are just supposed to go in. So I loaded up the clubs and boldly started through (they had changed the guard and I thought it would be my chance). The new guard informed me that, sadly, the course was closed. So I packed everything back into the Fusca and headed home. Next week (because I have to try), I'll email or call first, before making the trip.

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Geraldo said...

Hopefully you will be luckier next time.
I have seen some pictures of the golf club (Club de Golf del Uruguay)and I must say I've been quite impressed with its features.