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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring into Action!

Today is August 24th. Tonight, we will be attending an oldies theme "rock and roll" party, because if you  remember the country of Uruguay celebrates "La Noche de Nostalgia" So look forward to tomorrows blog on the post-party update.

We have both, just gotten over colds, first one gets it (usually Wally) then the other (Me) but we are fine now and enjoying our health along with the beautiful spring like weather. In fact although Spring is officially still a month away no one told all of the flowers that. I was first alerted to the change in weather by my Daffodils surprising me by their appearance. Then I looked up and saw spring was springing up all around me, so here are some flower photos to greet and cheer you as the real ones have done for me.
Realizing, that Spring is just about here, means we have to Spring into Action! (Yeah, a shameless tie in to my title) We have been saying, we want a vegetable garden out back for some time now but have been too focused on the house itself. Enough of that! We want to start really enjoying our property. We are going to finally get our vegetable garden in order and fill up our raised planters with soil.

Yes, we still have a lot of prep-work to do on our garden and we must rush to beat Spring's official date before our vegetable garden is in but I'm sure we will be ready to....... Nah, I won't say it again.

Instead, in keeping with the date, I'll just ask what's your favorite oldies song? because tonight, Wally and I will Spring into Dance!

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