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Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Raining Again!

Today is Sunday and it's raining! 

I thought I would use today's post as a way to clean up loose ends.
A friend named Carolina, enjoyed my Spanish phrases post and mentioned one more saying I should add to my list. She lives here in Uruguay and often helps me out with my translation needs. When it's a particularly rainy day in English we say that, "It's raining cats and dogs!" Well, you probably guessed it but here in Uruguay they say, "Caen pinguinos de punta" or roughly that it is raining/falling penguins! The Antarctic and nearby Pantagonia in Argentina no doubt influencing that thought.

For those of you curious about the weather here, It is winter! The high was supposedly 55 degrees F. today, lows were 49 degrees F. We had 1 inch of rain in the day and another 1/4 inch added this evening! Monday will be an expected high of 49F dropping to a low of 43. Tuesday night a low of 41 degrees F. It feels colder to me! It might be my imagination but I seem to feel a cold Arctic type of wind. The water is at our south. The South is the cold region down here and the north side of properties are the warm spots, unlike Washington State where moss grew on the north side of trees, I still have to remind myself that I'm living in a reverse situation as evidenced by the seasons here.

To clean up/clear up another post entry, "Anonymous from Montevideo" says that, the phrase "La Celeste" in reference to the Uruguay soccer team comes from the color of the National Soccer teams' sport shirt. Remember that Celeste means sky-blue, in addition to some kind of heavenly body. They wore that color and won a world cup so decided it was going to stay the teams shirt color!

By the way, number 10 is Diego Forlans' jersey number. He is a popular, rather famous soccer player, a blond cutie, from Uruguay who now plays with Madrid, Spain. They borrowed him back to play forward on the Uruguayo team during the World Cup.

Well, that about wraps up my loose end list. We almost went to Montevideo today to attend an Expat Luncheon. They have them every Sunday in a local restaurant. In the Atlantida area they have a similar luncheon a couple of Thursdays a month. People who have moved here or are thinking about moving here can meet English speaking people and ask questions about living in Uruguay from a foreign perspective. Wally and I would have gone to the gathering but decided to stay home today because as you heard it was raining Penguins today.


Anonymous said...

Watching the World Cup, it was easy to see why Uruguay borrowed their #10 back from Spain; he is quite talented and a great team player!
I had to laugh, my friend in Uruguay has been complaining of the "freezing cold" all week--and it's been 55 degrees?

adnan said...

forlan is the best wc 2010