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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Good Thang

It would be wrong not to comment on Uruguay's standings in the FIFA World Cup playoffs. Before coming to Uruguay, I (like many Americans) knew little about fĂștbal (soccer). However, soccer is popular all over the world and especially here, in Uruguay. There are dozens of local teams and interplay between rivals. We have yet to see a local soccer game, but after being introduced to the World Cup games, I plan to see one when the regular season commences, again.

But back to FIFA. Everybody follows the games, here. We had a worker here the other day, and naturally they listened in on the radio. We were all pleased when we moved up to the next round. Today, when we played Korea, the gardener and his wife, though working, followed closely on the radio, and finished early enough to get home and catch the end on TV. Every broadcast station played the game.

When Uruguay scored a goal (2 in all), there were horns and fireworks all through our remote neighborhood, and I am sure throughout the country. I think many are planning some great fiestas, this evening. Uruguay's win over Korea was a great pleasure to watch, since the winning goal came within the last minutes of play.

So, Uruguay moves on to the quarter finals to play Ghana. Everyone has high hopes for this year's team. I think I will start planning next weeks festivities. Friday night will be big here, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

We should get together to watch UY-Ghana at someplace like Barney's, surrounded by 'Guashos, to get the full emotional impact of it. See my blog about Portones....

~ doc

Anonymous said...

Please post about the local festivities! I heard schools were closed for the first game and some workers were allowed to go home to watch the game.

Wally said...

If you think that there was any special attention paid to the first games- I can only imagine this coming Friday. It will be the first time in 40 years that Uruguay has made the quarter finals. I expect the country will come to a grinding halt next Friday at 3:30!